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FF Scala

More than twenty years ago – on 17 November 1989 – Scala was launched at Music Centre Vredenburg in Utrecht. In 1991 it was released as FF Scala, FontShops first serious text typeface. Since it was augmented with a sans, it has become one of FontShops bestselling fonts.

Glyph overview

In this overview the most common characters of the Scala family are shown (accented characters are left out). One of the unique features of Scala is the fact that the regular and its corresponding bold weights have identical widths. Jumping from regular to bold or from serif to sans makes a nice comparison between the different weights. Click on any weight (below) to see its glyphs.

Regular Italic Bold Bold-Italic Condensed Bold-Cond.

Regular Italic Bold Bold-Italic Condensed Bold-Cond.
Light     Light-Italic     Black     Black-Italic

Examples of Scala in use

>  Scala in use. The combination of serif and sans in one family turned out to be quite successful. Here you can find some great examples of FF Scala in use.

Read more and download specimen

>  The story behind Scala.   Large type specimen of FF Scala family (pdf ).
>  FF Scala Sans | A new typeface
.   Small type specimen, 1993  (pdf  )
>  5 Dutch Type Designers.   The first FontFont type specimen, 1990  (pdf 
>  New faces | Scala
.   Article by Emily King, 1999.
>  Ellen Lupton on Scala
.  ‘Writing with Scala’, 2005  (pdf  )
>  Types and Characters
.   Brochure by Nina Völlink, 2007  (pdf  )
>  FF Scala Microsite.   A website fully dedicated to FF Scala

Buy FF Scala

You can buy FF Scala at the FontFont Online Shop. All versions of FF Scala have been released as OpenType fonts, Webfonts and Office fonts (in both Standard and Pro versions). Thanks for using my fonts!