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Comma Base was released in 2021. It has half the features of a sans (no serifs) and half the features of a serif (contrast). It can be seen as a missing link between serif and sans.

“Comma Base is a splendid humanist sans that brilliantly blurs the line between sans and serif. ”  John Boardley

Comma Base has 8 weights and is uniwidth, a powerfull feature that is highly appreciated by designers. No matter what weight you choose, it will always take up the same space.

Buying options

Comma Base is available as OpenType Pro fonts and Webfonts. You can activate the fonts in the Adobe Creative Cloud app or you can buy the fonts through I Love Typography, Fontspring and MyFonts.

Free regular download

The regular version of Comma Base is a free download! It is a fully functioning complete OpenType Pro font.

Type specimen download

There is a twelve page type specimen available with background information and a complete character overview. Download the specimen for free.